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Tullker Co., Ltd.


Tullker Co., Ltd. Profile

Company Details
Main Market North America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia
Business Type Manufacturer
Brands Tullker
No. of Employees 101 - 200
Year Established 2019
Export p.c 90% - 100%
Business Type Manufacturer

Founded in 2010, Tullker Co., Ltd. has focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Over the past 11 years, our products have covered laboratory, medical, industrial engineering and household filed, which
are widely used in the lab of school and companies, surface coating treatment, mechanical engineering, electronics, medical,
semiconductor, watch, jewelry, PCB board, glasses, etc. Innovation and customer-oriented are the most important corporate
culture for us. Products range from mini household ultrasonic cleaner, bench-top ultrasonic cleaner, industrial ultrasonic cleaner,
as well as immersible ultrasonic transducer system. We welcome customer to ODM, OEM, wholesale and customize.

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